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Director of LITE

  101 Fulton Hall 
  ROLLA, MO 65409 
Dr. Nah's research interests include applications of virtual worlds and augmented reality in business, human-computer interaction, applications of technology in education, and electronic, mobile and ubiquitous commerce. 

Interested in working in the LITE lab?

Here are some things you need for your application:

  • Research Idea/Proposal
  • Why you want to work in the LITE lab
  • Interest in the HCI field

When you hit the apply button, you will be re-directed to send your application as an email format to our director.

Historic Bureau of Mines Building

Home of the LITE Lab! The LITE lab is located on the first and third floor of the Historic Bureau of Mines building pictured here as seen from Highway 63/North Bishop.

Check out our Human-Computer Interaction courses offered on Campus!

A student may receive a graduate level HCI certificate from the information science and technology department at Missouri S&T by completing four courses, consisting of three required core courses and one advanced HCI course. 

The core courses are: 

  • IST 5885: Human-Computer Interaction - taught fall and spring semesters
  • IST 5886: HCI Prototyping - taught fall semester
  • IST 5887: HCI Evaluation - taught spring semester

The advanced HCI course may be either of the following courses: 

  • IST 6887: Research Methods in HCI - taught fall semester
  • IST 6680: Advanced Web and New Media Studies - taught fall semester

HCI Graduate Certificate PDF

 Alternatively, students can take a minor in Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience

The minor in human-computer interaction and user experience requires the following 15 hours of coursework:

IS&T 4654 Web and Digital Media Development 3
IS&T 4680 Introduction to Web and New Media Studies 3
IS&T 5885 Human-Computer Interaction 3
IS&T 5886 Prototyping Human-Computer Interactions 3
IS&T 5887 Human-Computer Interaction Evaluation 3

Download Application for Minor